lift chair for seniors Photo courtesy of Pride Lift Chairs

When evaluating a new chair for seniors comfort, safety and therapeutic value come before style.

Armrests are a big help

Seniors may develop difficulties with balance. Things that they used to do with ease, like bending and backing down into a chair may become a challenge. The armrests of a chair can provide support when a senior lowers themselves into a chair. Similarly, sturdy arms on a chair can help make standing up from a seated position easier.

It’s very important to ensure that the chair is at the appropriate height. If a favorite seat is too low to making it difficult to sit and stand back up, you can easily correct this easily by adding chair risers (note: many people do not realize how low their chairs and sofas actually are). Chair risers are sets of 4 small lifts, made of either wood or plastic, that fit on the chair’s feet. This raises the seat by up to 3 inches, so there’s often no need to purchase a new chair. Chair risers are equally suited for use on love seats or sofas.

Chair features

When selecting a chair it’s wise to choose one with a well-formed, tall, seat back with good lumbar support. This will make it possible for the person using it to remain seated comfortably for as long as they wish, and to enjoy reading, conversation, computer use or TV viewing. Home health care and chair specialty stores have chairs that are specifically designed with these features in mind.

Can a chair for senior users do some of the work?

Lift chairs are designed to “stand up” to meet the senior as they are on the way down to sit. Lift chairs also can gently assist in raising them back to a standing position. Lift chairs range from a portable type that is placed on the seat of almost any chair, all the way to fully reclining, luxurious, loungers – there are even heated and massaging models!

lift chair for seniors

Photo courtesy of Pride Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are available at therapy supply stores such as Motion Specialties, Shoppers Home Health and Able Home Health.

Knowing what to look for can make choosing the right chair for seniors easier.

The right chair can contribute to a more active and engaged lifestyle. The easier it is to get up, the more likely it is that a person actually will get up and move around.

The right chair choice should be part of an overall strategy to prevent falls. It can also make being seated much more comfortable and enjoyable and can enhance general well-being.

Who knew how much was riding on the right chair choice?

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