Surprising tips for senior safety that will help your elderly family member feel safer and more independent at home.

  1. Switching to a cordless phone can help a senior avoid falls.

    Health Canada, advises that seniors consider using a cordless phone (connected to your regular phone line – not a cell phone) around the home. A cordless phone can be handy at all times. This means no more rushing to get up and answer the phone, lowering the risk of tripping and falls. This senior safety tip is especially true for those with balance or mobility issues.

  2. Sleeping with the bedroom door closed can help a senior survive a fire.

    Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Jonathan Gormick says sleeping with the door closed provides more time to escape if a fire occurs. Think too about always having a phone beside the bed for a 911 call.

  3. Seniors who know about “scams” can avoid losing money.

    The RCMP says the Pigeon Drop is a very common scam. The swindlers offer to share a very large sum of supposedly found money with a senior. They dupe the senior into withdrawing “good faith” money from the bank and giving it to them, with the idea that they will later give them a share of the “found” money. The victim never sees them the scammer again. This senior safety tip can really pay off.

  4. Holding a cane upside down can help a senior’s mobility.

    If you’re concerned that a senior’s cane may not be the right size, the Canada Safety Council suggests that a quick check is to hold the cane upside down. The cane will be the correct length if the tip is at wrist level. Assistive devices such as canes are key tools in helping seniors maintain their independence. For safety and comfort, a physiotherapist should always be asked for help to select and fit them.

  5. Even common drugs can impair concentration.

    This senior safety tip is important for all seniors, and especially those who still drive. Common drugs, even over-the-counter drugs, can significantly impair concentration. The chart below of common drugs and their side effects is based on one from the Canada Safety Council‘s website and lists common drugs and their not so commonly known side-effects. Click on the thumbnail below to view a table of common drugs and side-effects, and tape it up inside the medicine cabinet.

senior safety medication effects

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