It’s also why I still personally interview all potential staff. Learn more about how careful we are when hiring caregivers for your elderly parent, below.

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Eldercare Home Health Inc.

Your parent deserves the best senior care possible. That’s why we hire only 2% to 5% of the caregivers who apply to work with us. Click to enlarge the Eldercare Home Health PSW hiring infographic

We are always looking for terrific staff. People who genuinely enjoy working with seniors. Who have the skills and training to provide the kind of care our clients need.

We recently invited PSW caregivers who were interested in working with Eldercare Home Health to send us their resumes. We received 96 resumes.

All the resumes were reviewed. A member of our staff then called those who had been short-listed and asked them a number of questions to clarify availability, qualifications etc. Of those called, 17 were invited to an application session at our office.

Of the 17 invited to the application session only 12 showed up. At the session they were asked to fill out a questionnaire designed to provide us with insight on the applicant’s ethics, familiarity with basic food preparation, basic problem solving skills and the ability to recognize potential emergencies.

Those who successfully completed the questionnaire were then interviewed by me.

The interview is key

Not to toot my own horn, but I have over 20 years’ of experience interviewing and hiring health care providers – from Nurse Managers to Personal Support Workers. I know what to ask, and what to look for. I know the difference between someone who is talking a good story and someone who speaks from experience.

Of the 12 people who showed up at the application session, 3 were invited to an orientation session to learn more about how we work, what we expect of our staff and what they can expect from us.

So, from 96 resumes we had an orientation session for 3 PSW staff. In other words,  approximately 3% of those who applied were invited to work with Eldercare Home Health Inc.

While this may sound like an extreme example, it’s not. In fact, it’s pretty typical.

What I find really is surprising is that many applicants who are not successful have been working as caregivers for other services and in hospitals – sometimes for years!

As part of our process we also call references, ensure everyone has the appropriate documentation and PSW certification, review health and safety, ensure that everyone has a WHMIS certificate (or have them complete and write the WHMIS exam at our expense), and ensure they have a completed, successful, vulnerable sector police reference check (or have them apply for one at our expense), and more.

Providing the best senior care possible starts with hiring the right people

Yes, a lot of time and energy goes into finding and hiring good people, but that’s what it takes to provide the quality of care your parent deserves

Many of our staff have been with us for years. We have common values and share a real desire to help our elderly clients be as safe and independent as possible.

If you have any questions about senior care or how we may be able to help your parent, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us.

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