Senior who has home care walking with walker, psw caregiver from Eldercare Home Health beside him.

Most, if not all other home care providers in Toronto, describe themselves as non-medical.

Non-medical services are non-medical because there is no one with recognized medical credentials actively case managing and supervising the care. The care their clients receive is limited by what the PSW who is on site can provide.

When you choose Eldercare Home Health your parent gets PSW care that is actively case managed and supervised, on an ongoing basis, by Registered Nurses – at no additional cost.

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Doctors, Social Workers and other healthcare practitioners turn to Eldercare Home Health to provide home care for their own parents

Not only do healthcare professionals recommend Eldercare Home Health to their patients for home care in Toronto the GTA and Mississauga, they also hire us to work with their own families. Why? Because they know that having Registered Nurse supervised and case managed home care can make a big difference in their parent’s or family member’s outcome.

Changing home care needs continue to be met

My mother has dementia and is unable to look after herself. I have found the caregivers from Eldercare Home Health to be competent, caring and dedicated to providing the required care for my mother. Both Lisa and my mother’s Case Manager nurse are readily available to address my questions or concerns and ensure my mother’s changing needs continue to be met. My mother is happy and well-cared for. I am very pleased with the quality of care and support Eldercare Home Health provides.

~ Jenny, client’s daughter

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The Registered Nurse Association of Ontario calls Registered Nurses “ideal Case Managers”

Registered Nurse Association of Ontario

“RNAO’s position is that Ontarians must have access to care from the most appropriate and best-qualified care provider. It is the position of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) that Registered Nurses are ideal Case Managers.”**

**RNAO Policy Statement on the Value of Registered Nurses as Case Managers

We couldn’t agree more with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

From day one, over 20 years ago, Eldercare Home Health has always provided Registered Nurse Case Management for every one of our clients. We believe it’s the only way to provide the quality of care your parent deserves.

Your parent’s assessment is provided by a Registered Nurse – at no charge

Other companies may provide a no charge assessment, but often the person providing the assessment is a business manager, franchise owner or possibly a PSW, not a Registered Nurse.

The assessment is a critical part of understanding your parent’s health status and care needs, and it is essential that it be provided by an experienced Registered Nurse.

The Registered Nurse providing your parent’s assessment will meet with you and your parent, review their health status, medications, environment, and more – read more about the Registered Nurse assessment.

We make it easy to bring in the additional home care you need

We can usually schedule our caregivers around any care your parent may be receiving at home through the Community Care Access Center (CCAC) – so we can be as efficient as possible.

We also provide supplementary care in hospitals and Long Term Care facilities (sometimes called nursing homes) and retirement homes.

We’re 100% Canadian

Many home care providers in Ontario are franchised offices of US based companies. Eldercare Home Health Inc. is independent and 100% Canadian owned and operated – and always has been.

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We answer to you

At Eldercare Home Health you always have someone to talk to, someone you can trust, and someone who will act. We take our responsibility to you and your parent very seriously.

Better home care doesn’t cost more

While you may think that this level of home care would cost more, it doesn’t. We bill only for the time the PSW caregiver is on site, we do not bill additionally for the involvement and services of the Registered Nurses.

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  1. Get the best value in home care in Toronto and the GTA – PSW senior care that is actively case managed and supervised by our team of Registered Nurses – at no additional charge.
  2. Get a rate that is competitive with non-medical care providers – who do not provide the level of care that Eldercare Home Health does.
  3. Get a flexible arrangement – no long term commitment, cancel care with only 49 hours’ notice (in compliance with Bill 148).

Better senior care, less worry.

All senior care service are not the same. Understanding what makes one different from another can have a real impact on the health and well-being of your elderly parent, and your peace of mind.

Compare non-medical care providers to Eldercare Home Health

Learn how particular we are when we hire caregivers

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Palliative care

Looking for essential information on palliative care? See Your practical guide to palliative care at the end of life

Yes, Eldercare Home Health can help you with your family’s palliative care needs. Learn more at Palliative Care for seniors in Toronto

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In summary: When you choose Eldercare Home Health as your home care provider you’re working with a company that provides care exclusively to the elderly and is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse. Eldercare Home Health has been providing PSW care that is actively case managed and supervised by Registered Nurses – at no additional charge – in Toronto and the GTA, since 1995.