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We know how difficult it can be to figure out how to get your mom or dad the care they need. You want to be certain you're making the right decision. Below you'll find a brief description of the most common options and the pros and cons of each. Read on...

List of different home care services for seniors: LHIN, CCAC, Private care, Live-inHome care services for seniors in Toronto Central and the GTA are usually provided through one, or a combination of the following:

  1. LHIN or CCAC Toronto
  2. Private care agencies
  3. Live-in and direct hire caregivers

Home care services for seniors through Home and Community Care Support Services – previously known as the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) or Community Care Access Centres (CCAC)

In Ontario, The Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) is taking on much of the work that was previously the responsibility of the  Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) – bringing government paid for services to people at home, in institutions and in schools.

The LHIN/CCAC contracts out the provision of home care – they do not provide services themselves. The LHIN/CCAC arranges community based care for the public – seniors, children, teens and adults. Anyone can contact the LHIN/CCAC for information or to make a referral.


Care is paid for by the Ontario Government.


The amount of care you are eligible for is determined by a CCAC Community Care Coordinator and may be different from what you feel is needed. Staff may not always show up or show up on time. Often a lack of consistency – multiple caregivers.


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Home care services for seniors through private care agencies

There are two types of private care agencies.

Most private care agencies describe themselves as “non-medical” services. They are often owned by people who have an interest in providing services to seniors but do not have medical credentials. Many of these services are franchises and some are US based.

Because there are no medical professionals on staff, the level of care that clients receive is limited to what a Personal Support Worker (PSW) is capable of providing.


There are many non-medical services to choose from. Legitimate companies are concerned about their reputation, carry insurance and pay staff properly.


The level of care these “non-medical services” offer is limited to what a caregiver trained as a PSW can provide. Caregivers do not have the training, credentials or skills to deal with many of the challenges that seniors with chronic diseases are often faced with, as a result they also they may not be able to act proactively to prevent complications.

Eldercare Home Health

Eldercare Home Health is an example of the other type of private care agency. Unlike non-medical providers, we do have medical professionals on staff.

We assign one of our Registered Nurse Case Managers or Registered Practical Nurse Case Managers to each of our clients. The Nurses case manage and supervise all client care. Hands on care is provided by caregivers trained as Personal Support Workers (PSWs) who are supervised by the Registered Nurses. Ongoing Case Management and Registered Nurse supervision is provided at no additional charge.

Registered Nurse case management with Eldercare Home Health includes:

  • Assessment by a Registered Nurse
  • Liaising with other healthcare professionals on a professional level
  • Medication review and consulting with Pharmacist
  • Creating and implementing the care plan
  • Selecting and coordinating PSW caregivers
  • Scheduling of consistent caregivers
  • Advocating for our client
  • Personalized care
  • Family meetings
  • Regular client visits
  • Reviewing and monitoring client status
  • A Registered Nurse is on call 24/7, at no extra cost

Eldercare Home Health has been providing home care services for seniors in Toronto and the GTA since 1995. We work only with seniors. We provide home care in a variety of settings – in private homes, Retirement Homes, Nursing Home and Hospitals. Having personalized care means remaining independent to the extent your parent is able. Learn more about the Home care services we provide


Because we are hired directly, you can access the level of home care services you need – from 4 to 24 hours per day. We value consistency as much as you do, and work to make it a reality. We answer to you – read what our clients say about our home care.

See a  comparison between the home care services for seniors offered by “non-medical” providers and Eldercare Home Health

Learn more about the Registered Nurse Case Manager difference


Care must be paid for privately.

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Live-in and other direct hire caregivers

These are arrangements where the caregiver is contracted directly by the client or by the client’s family or power of attorney to provide care. Often this arrangement is seen as a more affordable alternative to hiring a private agency to provide care.

There are a number of rules that apply to how live-in caregivers must be paid, hours they are allowed to work etc. It is important that anyone considering hiring a live-in caregiver be aware of and follow these rules.

Direct hire caregivers usually must be set up as employees and payroll remittances must be remitted to the government. They should be covered by WSIB, and they should have a Vulnerable Sector Screening Program – Police Reference Check

It is very important that applicants be interviewed and screened, and that references are contacted. Credentials need to be reviewed. Many caregivers may be foreign trained Nurses but their credentials may not be recognized here in Ontario. Nursing standards are not consistent throughout the world. In addition, many foreign trained Nurses have very minimal “hands on” Nursing experience.

Anecdotally their appears to have been a significant increase in the number of caregivers who are actively seeking to work in this manner. There are reports of  “caregivers” wandering the halls of some Toronto Hospitals attempting to hire out their services.

Often, unfortunately, both Live-in and direct hire arrangements are “under-the-table” – where no record keeping is done and payments are made in cash. This type of arrangement leaves both the caregiver and the senior they are caring for at significant risk.


Done properly Live-in and direct hire arrangements can result in some cost savings.


Caregivers are generally not supervised. Often caregivers may be nice, well meaning people but do not have the training or skills to deal with chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or recognize the need for pro-active intervention.

Be aware that internationally educated Nurses’ credentials are usually not recognized here in Canada, for a reason. They are not equivalent.

Both caregivers and clients can be at risk if the working relationship is not “above board” – legal. Live-in caregivers are not a good solution for seniors who are up day and night.

The administrative responsibilities for setting up the caregiver as an employee, paying the caregiver and government remittances etc. can be onerous.


Learn why so many families choose Eldercare Home Health. If you have questions about home care services for seniors that have not been covered above, please contact us. We’re here to help.

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In summary: There are a variety of home care services (sometimes called homecare services), solutions available to seniors and their families in Toronto. From your Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) or Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), to private care, and even live in-care Understanding the options is the first step in making an informed decision.