Learn what your options are, what you can expect, what you need to do next, and more...

“I need to know…”

  1. What my options are – in-home care and home care services for seniors
  2. What I can expect – an example of how the healthcare system works in Ontario
  3. What to do next – how to make things better, now.

If you’re acting as Power of Attorney:

Having Power of Attorney – either personal care or financial, for a friend or family member is a significant responsibility. Having the trusted, experienced resources you need to act as Power of Attorney, can help ensure things go smoothly.  

Palliative care – we’re here for you:

Learn more about the unique needs of palliative care clients and how the Registered Nurses and caregivers at Eldercare Home Health can make setting up and providing this specialized care go as smoothly as possible.

About Eldercare Home Health and how we can help you and your family

Eldercare Home Health Inc. has been providing care to seniors in Toronto and the GTA since 1995. We provide care exclusively to seniors. Working with a company you can trust can help provide peace of mind. We can help your elderly family member stay happy, as independent as possible and safe in their own homeRetirement HomeNursing Home (long term care home) or Hospital.  Find out more about Eldercare Home Health

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In summary: Everything you need to know about arranging senior care – Eldercare Home Health has been providing Registered Nurse supervised and case managed care to seniors in Toronto and the GTA, since 1995. We help our elderly clients stay safe and as independent as possible.