A quick overview of the different setting where we provide care for our elderly clients. With links to more detailed information.

In-home care – most seniors can safely remain at home instead of moving

It is possible for your elderly parent to continue to enjoy the comfort of remaining in their own home – even if they have significant care needs. The key, is having the right care in place. At Eldercare Home Health our PSW caregivers are supervised and directed by Registered Nurses (and we never charge for the Registered Nurse’s hours – it’s part of how we provide care). Learn more about how your parent can remain at home instead of moving >

In retirement homes – we often provide elder care for seniors who live

If your parent is returning from the hospital, or has been diagnosed with a chronic or progressive illness, the retirement home that they live in may not be set up to accommodate their needs. Our Registered Nurse supervised PSW care makes it possible for your parent to continue to enjoy the many social and physical benefits that a retirement home can offer. Discover how we can make it possible for your parent to remain at the retirement home they call home >

Changing home care needs continue to be met

My mother has dementia and is unable to look after herself. I have found the caregivers from Eldercare Home Health to be competent, caring and dedicated to providing the required care for my mother. Both Lisa and my mother’s Case Manager nurse are readily available to address my questions or concerns and ensure my mother’s changing needs continue to be met. My mother is happy and well-cared for. I am very pleased with the quality of care and support Eldercare Home Health provides.

~ Jenny, client’s daughter

In Long Term Care Homes (LTC or Nursing Homes) in Toronto and the GTA – supplemental care for seniors in LTC

Eldercare Home Health is independent. We answer directly to you and your family. We also advocate for your parent. We’ll provide care for your parent in a Long Term Care Home to ensure that they receive the nutrition, hydration and care that they need. We’ll also work to ensure that proper hygiene is in place and that your parent’s physical needs are met. And we’ll provide socialization and mental stimulus. Find out how the right care can make a difference for your elderly parent in a Long Term Care Home >

In the hospital – senior care for an elderly parent who is in the hospital

Don’t settle for just a hospital “sitter”. Get real PSW care that’s actively managed by a Registered Nurse at no added charge. The Registered Nurse will also advocate for your elderly parent while they are in the hospital. And when it’s time to go home, we’ll help with your parent’s discharge and care at home as well – to reduce the chance of having to return to the hospital. We provide care to elderly clients at North York General Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Rehabilitation Hospital Toronto Western Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital and most of the other hospitals in the GTA. Learn more about supplemental care in the hospital for your elderly parent >

Hospital discharge – we can help make you parent’s discharge from hospital and return home, a success.

Discharge form hospital and the transition back home can be much more involved than you may anticipate. In an ideal world, all services will be in place and all details will be sorted out prior to your parent’s discharge from hospital and arrival home. In reality, this seldom happens. It is not unusual, for example for clients to be discharged home from the hospital without their medication or new prescriptions, or without an exercise schedule, wheelchair etc. Because one of our Registered Nurses will be overseeing your parent’s discharge, we can help make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Learn more about the importance of RN supervised care for your parent’s successful discharge from the hospital >

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In summary: Eldercare Home Health has been providing Registered Nurse supervised and case managed home health care in Toronto and the GTA, since 1995. We provide care in private homes, retirement homes, Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes) and hospitals. We also help with hospital discharge. If you have an elderly family member or friend who needs help, call us.