Eldercare Home Health Inc. does not hire or place live-in caregivers. Below is a transcript of an article written by Lisa Wiseman, President of Eldercare Home Health, that appeared in the local Toronto newspaper The Town Crier. Written a number of years ago, the message - that "under the table - cash" arrangements for live-in caregivers puts everyone at risk - is still relevant in 2017.

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Town Crier article - Under the table caregivers putting everyone at risk

Families looking for care solutions for elderly relatives sometimes end up considering paying caregivers under the table, in “cash” arrangements.

Caregivers are found privately and through employment agencies, or nannies are “re-assigned” to senior care duties. They are hired for “cash” with no taxes, EI or Workers Compensation payments made.

The risks with these “cash” arrangements are real and significant. Aside from being illegal, clients risk theft of personal possessions, abuse, coercion, claims by caregivers who injure themselves on the client’s property, and caregivers who report on their employers.

Eldercare Home Health can help. Founded over 8 years ago by Lisa Wiseman, a Registered Nurse, Eldercare Home Health Inc. works exclusively with seniors. They ensure all caregivers are qualified, are paid properly, and are insured and bonded.

A Registered Nurse coordinates and supervises all care and is on call to the family and caregivers 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

If you or a relative need in-home Elder care, please call Eldercare home Health Inc. at 416 482-8292. For more information on Eldercare Home Health Inc. and how the healthcare system in Ontario works, go to: www.EldercareHomeHealth.com

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2 thoughts on “Paying caregivers under the table puts everyone at risk

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  2. Hi Lisa, Thank you for what you and your colleauges are doing in being present to serve older elders where they live. I, along with my siblings, are looking at care options for both our aging parents who currently live in their own home. My intial question after reviewing your excellent website is as follows:

    Do your psws work for other agencies? Perhaps my question is inappropriate. What prompts me to ask it is out of concern that a psw, who comes to care for my parents, arrives from just completing a previous shift elsewhere and is naturally tired. I don’t care how capable a professional is. When one is sleep deprived she or he simply cannot be as alert as they need to be. Thank you for considering my question.

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