For over 22 years we've been providing Registered Nurse supervised PSW care for seniors in Toronto.

Get the care your parent deserves, and the relief you need.

Senior care Toronto

  • Learn how your parent will benefit from Registered Nurse supervised senior care
  • Easily arrange for a no-charge assessment by a Registered Nurse
  • Get YOUR life back to “normal”
  • Feel good knowing you have the best care for your parent.

Which of these seniors care essentials could benefit your parent?

Registered Nurse Assessment

FREE on site – in hospital or at home (including retirement home). So you can ask questions and be confident in your decision.

Plan of care

Created by a Registered Nurse to address your parent’s unique care needs.

Case Management

Including selecting, directing and supervising PSW caregivers and liaising with the healthcare team including the pharmacist and specialist – to make sure everyone’s on the same page and your parent gets the care they deserve.

Registered Nurse on call 24/7

For your peace of mind and your parent’s safety we have a registered Nurse on call after regular business hours and on weekends.

Competitive price

While you may think Registered Nurse supervised and case managed seniors care costs more, it doesn’t (we have no idea why some people choose to work with other companies that don’t offer the level of service and value we do).

Our Brochure

Are you meeting with your parents or siblings to talk things over? Print out our brochure and take it with you.
Eldercare Home Health brochure - senior care specialist since 1995

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“Eldercare Home Health makes it easier to do the right thing for your parent”

One of the biggest problems YOU have is finding the care that you know your parent needs.

And while its nice to imagine a healthcare system where everything runs smoothly, people are paying attention and your parent’s needs are first and foremost, it isn’t always the case.

The truth is, many seniors don’t do nearly as well as they could once they’ve entered the healthcare system. As a result families are stressed, and outcomes are not as positive as they could be. With Eldercare Home Health Registered Nurse case managed care there is always a Registered Nurse overseeing the care of your elderly parent.

Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC(C) is the President and founder of Eldercare Home Health Inc. Lisa Wiseman is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of nursing experience focused on providing care for the elderly. Lisa is also the former President of the Gerontological Nursing Association – Toronto chapter.

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Eldercare Home Health Registered Nurse Case managed and supervised care includes the following:

  • Assessment by a Registered Nurse (not a sales person)
  • Medication review and discussion with Pharmacist
  • Liaising with other healthcare professionals
  • Advocating for your parent
  • Family meetings
  • Regular review and ongoing monitoring of your parent’s health status
  • Selecting, coordinating and supervising PSW caregivers
  • Registered Nurse on call 24/7
Home care services that make a difference

You met with us in the hospital and then came to the team meeting. Before my wife was discharged you did an on site safety assessment of our home. Once she was home you provided consistent, professional care. She improved right away – within the first week! I don’t know of any other home care services company that does all that Eldercare Home Health does. We’re very happy.

~ Mr. Colford

Who should call Eldercare Home Health?

  1. Call us if know you need help but you’ve never arranged senior care before and don’t know where to start.
  2. Call us if you have a parent in hospital or in Emergency and want to make sure they receive the attention and the care that they need.
  3. Call us if your parent is at home (or in a Retirement or Nursing Home) and needs additional care for safety, especially if your other parent is the primary caregiver – you don’t want them to become exhausted – then you’ll have two parents who need care!

“I wish I had I known about Eldercare Home Health earlier it would have been a lot LESS WORRISOME, for everyone!”

FREE Guide – 5 Mistakes you must avoid when choosing senior care

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Learn about common issues and how to avoid them. How to reduce risk and get the care your parent needs. If you do nothing else right now, if you’re not quite ready to call but you do want to get things moving forward, download this FREE Guide now.


Senior Care Made Easier!

Do nothing and nothing will get better. One call is all it takes to make things better. Call we’ll answer your questions, tell you how we can help and more. Talk to one of our Registered Nurses. The Nurse can set up an on-site, no charge assessment to meet your parent, and talk with you.

A lot of our clients report that having Eldercare Home Health provide senior care has allowed them to go back to having a “normal” relationship with their parent. That they can finally relax, knowing that they have the right care in place.

And yes, we can provide care even if you have care through the CCAC. We have good relationships with many of the offices in Toronto and the GTA and can help coordinate everything so that it works for you.

Who should not hire Eldercare Home Health

Seriously, we know we are not the right solution for all situations. If your parent is not interested in having help, you can’t force it on them – years of experience has taught us no matter how well intentioned everyone is, it simply doesn’t work. If you’re looking for information on the CCAC, try calling 310-2222.

Ready to get the right senior care for your elderly parent?

If you’re tired, stressed and worried, and know that the sooner you make a decision about a senior care solution, the sooner things will get back on track, if you want to get your life back to “normal”  ASAP and know that you’ve made the right decision, call us now.

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We look forward to helping you and your family.

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In summary: Eldercare Home Health has been providing Registered Nurse supervised and case managed care to seniors in Toronto and the GTA since 1995. If you’re ready to get the right for senior care (also called elder care or home care) for an elderly family member or friend, call us.