Stroke recovery
Assistance with meals, maintaining hydration, dressing, personal hygiene, toileting, exercise and communication are often essential to keep your parent safe and moving forward during recovery from a stroke. Our PSW caregivers, supervised by Registered Nurses can help with these activities and more…

A stroke can affect your parent in ways you may not realize. They may need a lot more help than you think.

Depending on the severity of your parent’s stroke your parent may have difficulty talking, walking and moving their limbs, eating and swallowing, paying attention and thinking, and even seeing and hearing.

It’s important that you understand your parent’s needs and what you can expect from the healthcare system. It’s also important that you know how much you can influence your parent’s care.

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If your other parent is able to help with some of the care responsibilities, it’s important to understand their limitations. You don’t want to end up with a second parent in the hospital (unfortunately this happens too often).

Making informed decisions about your parent’s care, at the right time, can have a dramatic effect on your parent’s recovery.

Helping you manage

Lisa, thank you. We are all very grateful for what you and your staff did for both our parents. We know how demanding an assignment it was at times. Having Registered Nurses overseeing my father’s care made all the difference – it’s hard to imagine how we could have gotten through the last four years without Eldercare Home Health. If you are ever asked for a reference, please feel free to contact me, although your reputation may make that unnecessary. All the best to you.

~ Florence, client’s daughter

Registered Nurse case managed PSW care makes the difference during stroke recovery

At Eldercare Home Health we will assign a Registered Nurse to supervise and case manage your parent’s care (at no additional cost).

A real, Ontario Registered, Registered Nurse (not a franchise owner, sales person or PSW) will assess your parent at no charge.

We understand the issues you and your family face in caring for a parent who has had a stroke.

We can help with rehabilitation therapy and the use of assistive devices, medication compliance, nutrition and hydration, toileting and personal hygiene.

We are aware of and understand the cognitive changes that can sometimes result from a stroke.

We’ve been providing care for clients who have had a stroke, since 1995.

Unlike so called “non-medical” providers, we do understand medications and will liaise with your parent’s doctor, pharmacist and other members of the healthcare team on a professional level. We’ll also advocate for your parent.

Contact us today. We can help reduce your, and your family’s stress by providing the stroke recovery care your elderly parent needs.

Visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation for more information on strokes.