Eldercare Home Health can provide around-the-clock, 24 hour palliative care for your elderly parent. We can also provide short term relief for family caregivers.

Eldercare Home Health palliative care

Eldercare Home Health provides palliative care for seniors in Toronto, the GTA, and Mississauga.

Palliative clients and their families make the decision to stay at home with care for a variety of reasons.

For many receiving palliative care, the familiar surroundings of home means they are more relaxed and less stressed, and are more able to participate in daily activities.

For family it means little or no travel time is involved to spend time together. Visits can be more frequent, more “normal”, less clinical and more pleasant.

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What is palliative care?

“Palliative care focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness — whatever the prognosis. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family… although it is an important part of end-of-life care, it is not limited to that stage. ” (Wikipedia)

At Eldercare Home Health, palliative care for your elderly parent is supervised and case managed by Registered Nurses.

Our Nurses are familiar with the specialized needs of palliative clients and the resources that are available in the community. We’ll help your parent access the resources they need.

As medical professionals, our Nurses speak the same language as, and liaise with, other healthcare professionals such as doctors, respiratory technologists, speech language pathologists, pharmacists, etc.

It is often a relief to clients and their families to learn that they are able to return home, even when they require various types of devices, therapies and medications.

Acquisition of equipment for short or long term use can be arranged. Hospital beds can be rented or purchased. Grab bars can be installed in showers etc. and a variety of other aids can be put in place to enhance mobility and safety.

It’s normal to have questions when arranging care for an elderly parent who is palliative. We’re here to help with answers, and solutions.

We have a Registered Nurse on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support your parent, your family and our caregivers.*

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In summary: Eldercare Home Health makes quality palliative care at home possible.