complex care including diabetic care

We specialize in providing care for elderly clients who have significant and often complex care needs.

Our unique model of care - PSW care that is supervised and case managed by Registered Nurses - makes it possible for us to provide the care your parent needs. Learn more below…

What we mean by complex care

It’s one thing to provide care for your elderly parent who has dementia. It’s a whole different matter to provide care for your parent if they have dementia, are at risk of falling, have become incontinent and have diabetes.

We have over 20 years of experience working with clients with complex care needs. We understand the challenges, know the resources available and can help ensure your parent is well cared for and as safe as possible.*

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Feeding assistance

We often see clients who have difficulty swallowing (Dysphagia) and are on a minced or pureed diet, drinking thickened fluids etc. to help reduce the chance that they will choke or aspirate their food or drink.

If your parent has a swallowing difficulty two of the additional issues that they need to be concerned about are weight loss and dehydration. Dehydration can lead to confusion, low blood pressure and falls.

It can be very time consuming to assist someone with a swallowing difficulty and it’s important that they not be rushed so they have an opportunity to safely consume enough calories and nutrition.

Unfortunately many facilities and institutions do not have the staff on hand to assist elderly clients to complete their meals.

If your parent has difficulty swallowing and has been losing weight or is often dehydrated, we can help.


If your parent is incontinent we can help minimize their discomfort, lower the risk of infection and complications, and improve their hygiene. Our Registered Nurses have experience with the various appliances and products that are available to manage incontinence and our caregivers will provide the hands on assistance your parent needs.

Less stress, more quality time

We live out of town, so when it came time to find assistance for mom and dad I knew we needed someone we could trust. As dad’s care needs increased and we needed full day and overnight care, you managed beautifully. Eldercare Home Health relieved our family’s stress and allowed us to spend quality time with dad in his last days. Thank you.

~ Sherri Bateman, Client’s daughter

Diabetes care

We have extensive experience working with clients who are diabetic. In addition to providing the hands on care your parent needs, we can provide education and help your parent adhere to their diet, monitor blood sugar levels and more.

Post-surgical care

If your elderly parent has had surgery it’s important to get them back on track – and home – as quickly as possible. The sooner they return home from the hospital the better. Long hospital stays are associated with a variety of serious issues such as a greater risk of infection, depression, undernutrition, and incontinence.**

Eldercare Home Health will assist with your parent’s discharge and provide the care they need when they return home.

Proper care can help speed your parent’s recovery and minimize the chance that they’ll need to return to the hospital.

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Mental health and emotional well-being – cognitive stimulation, physical activity and more

If your parent is suffering from depression they may be prescribed medication.

While medication can, and often does have an important role to play, companionship, cognitive stimulation and physical activity can all contribute significantly to reducing debilitating episodes.

Having help through Eldercare Home Health can help make it possible for your parent to participate in community or on site programs and activities if they are in a Retirement Home, or long term care facility.

Our Nurses can introduce activities to provide cognitive stimulation, and our PSW caregivers can help your parent with an appropriate exercise program, getting outside for fresh air and walks, and more.

And because we provide Registered Nurse supervision, we can assist your parent to take their medication as prescribed.***

This kind of care cannot be offered by non-medical services.

Vision and hearing loss

Vision and hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression.

Safety can become a significant issue.

Vision loss can also affect your parent’s ability to take the correct medication at the correct time, impact their participation in physical activity and ultimately their health and well-being.

Having care through Eldercare Home Health can help address these issues, and more.

Learn more about the home care services we provide.

Our Registered Nurses are experts in caring for the elderly.

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In summary: Eldercare Home Health provides the care your parent needs. From assistance with feeding, incontinence and managing diabetes to cognitive stimulation and the implementation of exercise plans, we can help.