There is not doubt that truth is stranger than fiction. And I could never make up the unbelievable "stuff" that we see in our Practice every day. With this one, I shook my head so much - I practically got whiplash!

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A client’s daughter became concerned with the worsening of a rash on her father’s lower back. Being the weekend, and having a strong aversion to a long wait in an emergency or urgent care clinic, she called a visiting Doctor service and booked a housecall. The physician who came to the door was a senior himself (reportedly 80 years old). He stated that he had developed a cold and that he would wear a mask during his assessment so as not to infect the patient. Very commendable-and not often seen. Unfortunately, said doctor also decided not to view the reddened area at all during the visit, due to that same concern with contamination…he prescribed a topical medication without every setting eyes on the problem area!

Fortunately, the client’s primary Nurse was available to intervene, and in discussion with the Pharmacist, and the client’s primary care physician, she got the correct treatment in place to heal the reddened site.

Moral of the story? If the senior care you’re getting doesn’t seem right, don’t be shy, ask questions. You may need a second opinion. Insist on getting the right treatment for yourself or your loved ones.

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