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Even so, finding people who are terrific, qualified, and ready to work, is still very challenging.

A recent newspaper article headlined stories about how the jobs available to graduates of some universities is 4:1. The owner of Chudleigh’s apple farm and makers of all things apple, was quoted as saying that they cannot hire all the people that they need to run their operations.

Head-hunters in every sector, job fairs, employment programs are all working at full tilt – but still positions go unfilled.

We’re very particular

Here at Eldercare Home Health, we are very particular about who we hire. After all, we’re not just preparing apple pies (no offence Mr Chudleigh, your pies are quite delicious), but providing expert home health care to frail seniors.

I’ve written about our process, and about how we hire only 2% – 5% of qualified applicants, but I can tell you that those two to five percent are getting harder and harder to come by – and we are not prepared to drop our standards.

Screening tests helps filter for basic skills

The basic screening test that we utilize when hiring PSW Caregivers provides us with insight into a person’s values, knowledge and skills, problem solving ability, simple math skills, preparedness to cook and English proficiency. We used to see a pass rate of about 80 % amongst the new applicants.

The pass rate has been decreasing markedly over the past couple of years.

Last week we held an applicants’ session for caregivers seeking employment with Eldercare Home Health. The pass rate was one of the lowest we have ever seen, with only 15% of applicants answering the test questions correctly.

What does this mean for elderly adults who need care?

In our minds, it means that there are fewer qualified and capable caregivers available to assist them.

I say in our minds, because not everyone has the same high standards that we have when hiring PSW caregivers. What I have not mentioned to this point is that the applicants who could not answer our basic screening questions correctly are, in many cases, working for other home health care services.

Which makes us very concerned. And we suggest you should be too.

The support you need when you need it

Thanks for your caring support during this difficult time. We are delighted with the elder care services provided.

~ Ms. Kopstick, Client’s daughter

Why many of our staff have been working with us for years

We provide all of our staff with health benefits, steady employment, opportunities to upgrade professional skills, a recognition event, bonuses and the opportunity for work life balance.
Our PSW caregivers also have the benefit of Registered Nurse support, 24/7. It’s a true, team approach that will make a real difference for your clients.

Keep your eye out for part two of this post to learn more about how you can help your parent (or clients, if your a healthcare professional) get the care they need this holiday season.

Learn more about Eldercare Home Health from a Social Worker’s Point of view.

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