This is the second half of our piece on the how the changing caregiver environment is affecting your clients. Intended for Social Workers, the information below is valuable for anyone helping to arrange care for an elderly client or family member.

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One of the first things most callers ask about is our rates.

They ask about rates because they really don’t know how else to make a decision on which company to hire for their parent’s care. The assumption is that all senior care companies are more or less the same, so just get the one with the lowest rates.

While knowing the rate is important, knowing who is behind the care, the quality of care is being delivered (see “About Eldercare Home Health Inc.” below) etc. is really what counts and can make a very meaningful – as in life or death – difference to your elderly client’s outcome. Really.

The new reality

In the not too distant future your clients may be faced with a very different reality, one we are just starting to see now.

Instead of asking about rates, the question we are starting to hear is “do you have any caregivers available?”

This is about the availability of caregivers, period.

Some callers actually understand that caregivers are becoming a scarce resource.

This is where the “rubber hits the road” when I talked about there being fewer qualified and capable caregivers available.

We may be on our way to a time where the question is not about cost, but can caregivers even be provided?

Scary, but true.

Which brings us back to the current state of affairs

As the leaves change colours and the temperatures drop we know that fall is upon us. Soon winter will be here.

And as the holiday season approaches, families and neighbors head off on vacation, leaving some frail seniors with fewer supports. The need for our service may increase. But terrific PSW caregivers don’t grow on trees.

Over the last number of years, we have not been able to assist all the seniors who call needing our care in the weeks leading up to the holiday season.

The demand for service increases but the availability of qualified caregivers does not.

We never want to say no, but we also want to make sure our existing clients have the care they need.

If your a healthcare professional – how to help your elderly clients get the care they need

We’re always happy to hear from you and your clients.

As we head into the holiday season, if you have clients who need care, encourage them to make their inquiries sooner rather than later.

If you’re a family member of  a senior who needs care

Again, the earlier you contact us the better. We work very hard to ensure that our existing clients have the care they need during the holiday season.

About Eldercare Home Health Inc

Eldercare Home Health has been providing PSW care, actively supervised and directed by Registered Nurses – on an ongoing basis, at no additional charge – for over 22 years.

Get the care your elderly clients deserve, and the relief their families need.

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