Parkinson Society Spring/Summer Speaker series – Drug Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Malcolm Marcus and Pharmacist Greta Mah at the Parkinson Society

The final session of the Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario branch Spring/Summer Speaker series, sponsored by Eldercare Home Health, featured speaker Greta Mah, BscPhm. RPh. C.G.P., speaking on drug therapy for Parkinson’s disease. Greta is a Pharmacist and facilitator of the Living Well with Parkinson’s program at North York General Hospital. Drug Therapy for […]

Shouldn’t Senior Care be delivered 7 days per week?

Today is August 1st, a civic holiday (not a stat day). And yes, those of us who work at Eldercare Home Health are working. This includes front line careproviders, the Registered Nurse Case Managers, the Bookkeeper, the Administrative Assistant and me, the President, all working to provide quality senior care, 24/7. You may find it […]