Vacancies at Sunnybrook Veterans’ centre

Sunnybrook Veterans Centre

Eldercare Home Health was recently contacted by the Friends of Sunnybrook, a group whose members have a veteran family member currently residing at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre and wish to advocate on behalf of other WWII and Korean vets still out in the community. These vets may need long term care, but are not aware that there is […]

5 surprising tips for senior safety

Surprising tips for senior safety that will help your elderly family member feel safer and more independent at home. Switching to a cordless phone can help a senior avoid falls. Health Canada, advises that seniors consider using a cordless phone (connected to your regular phone line – not a cell phone) around the home. A cordless […]

Tylenol for a broken leg – On the article and senior abuse

One of the underlying questions that is not addressed in this article is Why did Sylvia Bailey suffer for so long with a fractured leg? Why was she denied investigation and treatment? Her condition was not invisible, there was an incident leading up to her pain and she was able to articulate that she was […]

Do senior health care government services really need more money-or do they need to use the money they have more wisely?

Today I received a phone call from a senior who had recently undergone back surgery for degenerative disc disease. She is home from hospital, lives alone in a highrise apartment, and receives two one hour visits each week from the CCAC for assistance with bathing. She is using a walker now due to poor balance. […]

Why do Seniors fall?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to the question “Why do seniors fall?” The answer is often very individualized and very complex. That said, there are more “common” causes for falls – but be aware, this list is by no means exhaustive. First there are the true accidents Missing a stair on the way down the […]

Senior safety at home

There are so many elements to consider in a home safety assessment. The priority will always depend on the abilities and the wishes of the individual Client. Below are some commom themes and issues that need to be addressed in any home safety assessment. Also, a long distance home safety assessment is not ideal. This […]

Senior Home Safety in the News and always on our minds

There’s a terrific series in the paper this week that brings to light the huge number of seniors experiencing falls. Falls experienced by seniors are important and often life threatening events. I am always amazed when someone casually mentions that a senior has had a fall. To me it’s a tragedy, a red flag, a […]

Insufficient senior care- true story

A woman called me today. Her husband, age 95 years, lives in a Toronto Nursing Home receiving round the clock senior care, and yet she rightfully fears for his comfort, safety and well being. Her husband suffered a stroke and as a result has difficulties swallowing safely. The speech-language pathologist who assessed him in hospital […]