Mental health: depression and exercise

Here’s an interesting statistic; According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, mental illness will be experienced by 20% of the population in any given year. Depression affects people of all ages. The one treatment that does not involve drugs or specific psychiatric interventions is exercise. All types of exercise have been found to provide […]

Yoga for seniors – Medically proven, but not found on a prescription pad

What has been shown to relieve headaches, insomnia, back pain and fatigue? Furthermore has been shown to relieve stress and mild depression? Helps to prevent osteooporosis and improves digestion? A miracle cure? No, it’s practicing yoga on a regular basis. There are even some claims that yoga for seniors may help regulate heart beat, and […]

The Most Helpful Prescriptions you will never receive- Health Tips

We know that it is not inevitable that with advanced age comes physical disability and mental frailty. In fact, we know a lot about strategies for aging well. Somehow, this knowledge seldom passes from the medical and health journals to the health professionals’ clinical practices and on to their patients. For next number of days, […]

Alzheimer’s Interview by

Woman freezes to death in city’s northeast end… We were contacted today by a reporter at to provide advice to the public on how to avoid a tragedy like this one; a 66year old woman, suffering from dementia, wandered out of her home at 2am and was found dead of hypothermia at 5am in […]

Eldercare Home Health Sponsors the North York Senior Games

We are happy to be supportive of events, like the North York Senior Games, that offer opportunities to seniors to keep mentally and physically active in the community.