10 easy exercises for seniors – to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls

Example of exercises for seniors

As we age our ability to maintain our balance can be affected by a variety of things: Failing eyesight – we may find it hard to focus and see clearly. Our depth perception can be affected, things may appear blurry at times. Inner ear problems – the vestibular system, that helps our body understand where it is […]

Exercise for seniors – “I exercise to feel good, it’s as simple as that”

exercise for seniors - heel raises using a chair

While I’m no expert on exercise for seniors, I’d like to think experience counts for something. I’m an 80-year-old guy who has exercised since his pre-teen years(Confession: I was a skinny kid with thin arms and shoulder blades that stuck out. I wanted to beef up.) I’ve been exercising on and off ever since, mostly […]