What is Dementia Care at Home?


Dementia is a term that’s used to describe a range of symptoms, including memory loss, forgetfulness, confusion, and difficulty with thinking and problem-solving to the point where it inhibits a person’s ability to complete routine functions. Across the globe, around 50 million people suffer from dementia, according to the World Health Organization. This condition mainly […]

How drawing can help seniors’ memory

seniors memory drawing happy

The good news is, you don’t have to know how to draw! It’s the act of drawing, not the quality of the drawing, that aids seniors’ memory and helps you remember more. That’s the conclusion of a study, The Surprising Influence of Drawing on Memory. The study, by Myra A. Fernandes, Jeffrey D. Wammes, and […]

Parkinsons Society Education Event

Just a reminder that tomorrow, October 12, 2011 we will be on site at the Toronto Botanical Gardens where Dr. Mario Masellis will speak on the topic of Mind, Mood & Memory. The Parkinsons Society is running the event from 6:30pm-9:00pm and it is free to attend. Hoping to see you there!

Alzheimer Society: Public Education Series

We often find ourselves with the opportunity to work with Clients who have Alzheimer Disease. For that reason we have our staff complete a certification program through the Alzheimer Society and we keep on top of the latest research developments. In the latest newsletter, I came across a listing of educational events being offered and […]

Sponsors of the Parkinsons Foundation speakers series

We are pleased to announce our participation as a sponsor for the Parkinsons Foundation’s Speakers series. We will be on site at the Toronto Botanical Gardens on October 12, 2011 where Dr. Mario Masellis will speak on the topic of Mind, mood & memory. The evening runs from 6:30pm-9:00pm and is free to attend.

Caring for someone with dementia: it’s all about the approach and attitude

Last night at a meeting of the Gerontological Nursing Association, Toronto Chapter, we had the opportunity to hear John Thomas, Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant speak about Responsive Behaviours in Dementia Care. John shared some useful information and approaches. He has a favoured way to describe the way that dementia is related to Alzheimers. He asserts that […]