Paying caregivers under the table puts everyone at risk

Town Crier article - Under the table caregivers putting everyone at risk

Families looking for care solutions for elderly relatives sometimes end up considering paying caregivers under the table, in “cash” arrangements. Caregivers are found privately and through employment agencies, or nannies are “re-assigned” to senior care duties. They are hired for “cash” with no taxes, EI or Workers Compensation payments made. The risks with these “cash” […]

Health Council of Canada on the CCAC – Eldercare Home Health Weighs In

The Globe and Mail published an article yesterday highlighting the findings of a report by the Health Council of Canada on the CCAC. John G. Abbott, chief executive officer of the Health Council of Canada is quoted as saying that “The vast majority of cases are getting 14 hours, maybe 15 and 20 hours,” We […]

Senior Care Specialists – Client Feedback

Dear Ms Wiseman: “We are so grateful for the care that Jean gives our mother. We welcome her each week and are at ease knowing that she is so well taken care of. Jean is always cheerful and warm. She is intelligent and shows genuine concern not only for the welfare of our mother, but […]