Why some seniors with Alzheimers wander, and what you can do about it.

Dementia care for seniors - Eldercare Home Health

Seniors with Alzheimers Disease often wander. It is sometimes very difficult to figure out what the person who is wandering is trying to accomplish, but the more we understand, the more likely we will be successful in reducing the behaviour. A wandering person is generally not a happy person. A senior with Alzheimers Disease may […]

Alzheimer Society: Public Education Series

We often find ourselves with the opportunity to work with Clients who have Alzheimer Disease. For that reason we have our staff complete a certification program through the Alzheimer Society and we keep on top of the latest research developments. In the latest newsletter, I came across a listing of educational events being offered and […]

Alzheimer’s Certification and Training for our Caregivers

Once again we are delighted to be partnering with the Alzheimer Society to offer caregivers of Eldercare Home Health Enhanced Training for Formal Caregivers of Persons with Dementia. This 9 hour course uses a person centred approach to care, the goal of this comprehensive program is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Alzheimer’s of […]