Eldercare Home Health is happy to consider being involved in your event in a variety of ways.

The kinds of events we sponsor:

We sponsor community events that are open to the public as well as industry events that are for healthcare professionals.

Our sponsorship is focused on topics that are of interest to the elderly or topics that are of interest to healthcare professionals who provide care to the elderly . They can include general education about resources, education about specific diseases, activities for seniors and more.

We sponsor medical rounds in hospitals,  seniors expos, Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) conferences, community events and more (see below).

What’s in it for you:

We can help enhance the excitement of the event by sponsoring the event itself, sponsoring food and beverages, a draw or a give-away. This can include door prizes etc.

We can also sponsor educational material or tools to be distributed to participants at the event.

Having sponsors means elevating the experience for your attendees, and can help increase attendance for your events.

Sponsoring snacks/coffee or full meals

We can do this through on-site facilities or through our own preferred suppliers.

What’s in it for us:

Recognition is an important part of Eldercare Home Health’s involvement at any event.

  • We’d like an opportunity to display posters, place table cards and to distribute “loot bags” to participants, as appropriate.
  • We ask that you mention that Eldercare Home Health is a sponsor (or exclusive sponsor if this is the case) in all printed and electronic communication announcing the event (making use of the official Eldercare Home Health logo that we will provide).
  • We’d like a link to our website placed on any web page announcing the event.
  • We appreciate an opportunity to take photographs at the event and use them on our website etc.
  • A verbal mention, as part of the welcome to participants during the event, that Eldercare Home Health is a/the sponsor.
  • We ask that you always use the full name of the company – Eldercare Home Health – on any material, verbally etc., and never shorten it to just Eldercare.

Dollar amount of event sponsorship:

The dollar amount, or amount of goods, including food etc. that we are able to provide when sponsoring events varies. Key considerations are:

  • Nature of the event – is there a connection to caring for seniors in some way?
  • of the event – how extensive will your marketing efforts be?
  • Number of attendees – generally the larger the group the better
  • The makeup of the group – are the attendees professionals or the public?
  • Other sponsors – are we the exclusive sponsor of the event or are there other sponsors, and/or other community care providers?
  • Branding – will our logo appear on advertising, posters, bags etc.?

Next Steps:

If you’d like to talk to us about event sponsorship, please email Lee Grunberg with a brief description of your event, including the date, number of attendees expected, what their background is (Social Workers, Nurses etc.) and what kind of sponsorship you are thinking of.

Thank you for thinking of Eldercare Home Health for event sponsorship. We look forward to helping you host an exciting and memorable event!

Note: Don’t worry if you event is something a little out of the ordinary or if you’re looking for sponsorship that is not listed above – we’re happy to discuss possibilities.

Who we’ve sponsored

In addition to the events below, Eldercare Home Health has, over the past 20 plus years, sponsored a variety of seniors expos, GEM conferences, hospital rounds and community events.

Eldercare Home Health is an Official Sponsor of the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, 10th annual Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) Conference, Sept. 16, 2014

Baycrest Social Workers Walter Lyons Memorial Social Work Clinic Day

Eldercare Home Health is an Official Sponsor of the Baycrest Social Workers Walter Lyons Memorial Social Work Clinic Day: Beyond brain health, A collaborative approach, Sept. 19, 2014.

Parkinson Society - Central and Northern OntarioEldercare Home Health is the Official Sponsor of the Parkinson Society, Central & Northern Ontario, Spring/Summer Speaker Series

Walk for MemoriesEldercare Home Health was an Official Sponsor of the Alzheimer Society, 2011 Manulife Walk For Memories

2012 New York Senior GamesEldercare Home Health was an Official Sponsor of the North York Senior Games for a number of years. This organization appears to have been discontinued. If you’re looking for seniors activities see: the city of Toronto site: seniors recreation and things to do