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Malcolm Marcus and Pharmacist Greta Mah at the Parkinson Society Malcolm Marcus, Eldercare Home Health Inc. - sponsor of the Parkinson Society Spring/Summer Speaker Series and speaker Pharmacist Greta Mah of North York General Hospital.

The final session of the Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario branch Spring/Summer Speaker series, sponsored by Eldercare Home Health, featured speaker Greta Mah, BscPhm. RPh. C.G.P., speaking on drug therapy for Parkinson’s disease. Greta is a Pharmacist and facilitator of the Living Well with Parkinson’s program at North York General Hospital.

Drug Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Greta’s excellent presentation addressed many of the key issues regarding Parkinson’s medications including the importance of maintaining a consistent schedule when taking Parkinson’s medication, and how to time meals relative to the taking of medication.

Greta also spoke about the side effects of some medications, potential solutions to dealing with these side effects and  myths and misconceptions around medications and alternative treatments.

Greta’s ability to simplify the often complex aspects of managing Parkinson’s symptoms with medication was very much appreciated by the large group attending the session.

Greta also empasized the importance of exercise both to provide neuroprotection and as a way of helping to reduce falls (Tai Chi has been found to be particularly effective)

A video of Greta Mah’s presentation – Drug Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease – will be available through the Parkinson’s society website shortly.

The Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario branch is offering an opportunity to try out Tai Chi: Learn more about Tai Chi classes at the Parkinson Society

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