If you follow the freebies and discounts online, you can find a great deal on a night out at the theatre, the ballet, the opera and more.
Discount tickets to shows

Good news! Discount tickets for shows you’d love to see are available without you having to stand out in the cold or the rain or the blazing heat for rush tickets.

The question is, where can you look for deals?

This warranted a smack on my forehead. For discount tickets for shows – first up, try Groupon!

This really is a no-brainer, but it came to me last. Just go to groupon.com and type “theatres and shows in Toronto” in the search box at the top. Up will come a myriad of attractions and events with discount ticket prices. A column down the left side will let you select “concerts,” “sporting events,” “movies, “dinner and entertainment,” “festivals,” “comedy clubs” and more. Groupon is a great resource if you don’t have a specific performance in mind. It helps you find stuff you may not even have heard of.

The National Ballet of Canada has deals that will dance their way into your heart.

There are several ways to enjoy the National Ballet and save as much as 50% on ticket prices. If you’re a diehard ballet goer, you can choose from a number of subscription packages that not only cut the ticket price, but also offer discounts on local restaurants and businesses. See discount National Ballet of Canada tickets

But, if you’re interested in only one particular performance and want a shot at rush tickets, you won’t have to stand out in the weather to get them. The National Ballet offers a limited number of rush tickets at 11 a.m. the day of the performance – discount tickets online or by phone at 416-(or 1-866-) 345-9595.

The rush-ticket discounts vary by the performance, but they’re a healthy cut from the list price.

How about saving 77% on a discount ticket to The Tempest at the Stratford Festival?

The Tempest tickets start at $15 in the TodayTix site I’m looking at. That deal may or may not be around by the time you read this, but it looks typical of the last-minute savings TodayTix offers. Beyond that, you can enter online ticket lotteries, buy rush tickets, set show alerts and more on TodayTix’s mobile app.

Not everything’s a discount. Regardless you may find shows you really would want to see, but that might escape you otherwise. One example that really, really appeals to me is “A Moveable Feast,” the music of Paris in the ‘20s, coming to Soulpepper in September.

If you’re concerned about purchasing from sites other than the actual show box office, TodayTix has been written up in the New York Times, and Forbes calls them “The Uber of Broadway tickets”

How about seeing something at Factory Theatre on a Toonie Tuesday?

Don’t mind lining up? If you line up at 5 p.m. for “The Men in White” on Tuesday, October 16th., or for “Beautiful Man” on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, you can buy up to two tickets for just a Toonie each. Cash only, first-come, first-served.

However, as the late-night TV pitchmen say, “That’s not all!” Buy a 6-play mid-week pass for $120 and the regular senior’s price drops from $30 to $20. Book online more than 30 days from opening night and you’ll be eligible for a 15% discount at checkout. Moreover, book on the Factory Theatre website and save on service fees. You can barely go to a movie for that kind of price!

There are some good times at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre!

The renowned Buddies in Bad Times LGBTQ theatre company offers Pay-what-you-Can-Afford tickets to performances by Quote Unquote Collective, Nightwood Theatre and Why Not Theatre. They offer four price choices per ticket – $10, $25, $40 and $75, including HST. General admission, so get there early for the best seats available.

The mentoring role of grandparents: you can fulfill it and save 50% on two grandkids’ discount tickets.

We were able to help our expose our own grandkids to art when they were still young – something that they appreciate now in adulthood. This could be one of those opportunities for you.

The Toronto Operetta Theatre offers you a Friday or Saturday afternoon ticket at the regular adult price of your choice and up to two tickets at the same level for children or youths at a 50% discount. Remember to have them bring proof of age.

Wildly popular Koerner Hall Free for All returns September 29th!

Koerner Hall will be open to everyone – free – to celebrate the Bloor St. Culture Corridor’s Culture Days. There’ll be acoustic performances from 12-3 p.m. and amplified performances from 5-8 p.m. There’ll be songs, bands and spoken word performances in a variety of genres. Best of all, no tickets required! Come and go as you as you please – it’s pretty hard to beat free, especially at Koerner Hall!

Yes, there are rush tickets to the Canadian Opera Company.

Did someone say standing room only? The Canadian Opera Company (COC) sets aide about 60 standing room spaces for just $12 a ticket. They go on sale at 11 a.m. the day of performance. And you have to be at the box office at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts.

Standing throughout an opera may be daunting for some, but there are a leaning rail and a coat hook at each position. You can’t use portable seating. My knees are shot, so this is not for me. But if you’re good to go, there’s hardly a better deal at this level of performance.

Last but not least – buy yourself a $15 tour of the theatre, including backstage.

Both the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts and the Joey and Toby Tannenbaum Opera Centre are open for tours at certain times. For the seniors’ discount ticket price of $15, you’ll see the wardrobe and wig rooms, stars’ dressing rooms, the orchestra pit, the green room, ballet rehearsal studio and more. Tours start at 10 a.m. Personally, I think this could be a fascinating way to make an ordinary day extraordinary. Take a tour and have nice lunch. Or take a later one and make it a dinner date.

As I’ve discovered, when it comes to discount tickets, the sky, is the limit.

There’s a far greater range of good deals available than I’d have imagined. The internet makes most of it a breeze to access. You could be enjoying far more performances than ever before. Give it a try, why don’t you?

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