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There’s a terrific series in the paper this week that brings to light the huge number of seniors experiencing falls. Falls experienced by seniors are important and often life threatening events. I am always amazed when someone casually mentions that a senior has had a fall. To me it’s a tragedy, a red flag, a message that there are already a number of risks that need attending.

Falls are rarely an isolated event. They are almost always the outcome of a long series of events, that culminate in a fall. We should take it as a given (and we do in other age groups) that it is not normal to be falling down! It’s dangerous and painful, debilitating and inconvenient and puts one at risk for all sorts of other related negative events.

Falls may happen anywhere and there are a great number of possible contributing factors. One place that we can hope to reduce the incidence of falls is the Client’s home. A home safety assessment, conducted by a knowledgeable and experienced care provider, is the first step to improving safety at home for seniors.

Over the next number of days I will publish aspects of a senior home safety assessment commonly used to improve safety in the home. I’ll share some creative and uncommon strategies that we have used to improve safety and I will provide practical advice and give examples from the homes of Clients that we have visited.

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