Are you looking for care for an elderly family member? Are you considering hiring a caregiver privately – possibly even for cash? Learn why now – with the COVID pandemic impacting all our lives, you should consider hiring a professional private senior care company.

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With the COVID pandemic a part of all our lives, you want to do whatever you can to minimize the risks to your elderly parent or family member.

Hiring a caregiver “privately” who also works in a high-risk institutional environment, for example, would not make much sense.

Similarly, there’s no sense in hiring a caregiver for cash, in an attempt to keep costs down, if they turn out to be abusive or unreliable, or to not have the qualifications they said they do.

Here are the top 7 reasons you should hire a professional private care company to provide senior care during the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Daily caregiver COVID screening helps reduce your elderly parent or family member’s exposure to COVID

Eldercare Home Health has an automated COVID screen for all our caregivers. Caregivers need to successfully complete the screen each day or they receive a call from our office to investigate why they didn’t.

2. Caregivers who are COVID suspect or have not successfully completed their COVID screen need to be replaced

Eldercare Home Health has a roster of staff. If a caregiver cannot make their shift for any reason, we replace them, and where possible, with a caregiver who is familiar with the assignment.

3. To minimize your parent or family member’s potential exposure to COVID, we restrict the kinds of assignments our caregivers are allowed to take on

Caregivers who are working with our clients in facility settings are not scheduled to work with clients who live in their own, private home.

4. We do not take on clients who have tested positive for COVID

Because we do not work with clients who have tested positive for COVID, our caregivers are less likely to be exposed to COVID, and less likely to transmit it to others.

Changing home care needs continue to be met

My mother has dementia and is unable to look after herself. I have found the caregivers from Eldercare Home Health to be competent, caring and dedicated to providing the required care for my mother. Both Lisa and my mother’s Case Manager nurse are readily available to address my questions or concerns and ensure my mother’s changing needs continue to be met. My mother is happy and well-cared for. I am very pleased with the quality of care and support Eldercare Home Health provides.

~ Jenny, client’s daughter

5. Nurse case managed care means reducing the need to go to the hospital

All hospitals have dramatically modified their patient visit protocols. In all cases that we are aware of there are restrictions on the number of visitors per day (often 1), visitors must pre book their visits, be screened, must have a negative COVID test result from within the last 14 days etc. Patients who need emergency room care are not permitted to have family accompany them.

Eldercare Home Health provides private care that is supervised, and case managed by a Nurse. Our Nurses have the knowledge, skills, and experience to act proactively, to help minimize the need for your parent to go to the hospital.

6. Having qualified caregivers means your parent gets the care they deserve, will have fewer complications – and will be less likely to need to go the hospital

We’ve recently become aware of competitive senior care services recruiting PSW students to provide care for their clients.

We’re sure you agree – your parent’s care should not be in the hands of students!

Eldercare Home Health is very selective about the PSWs we hire. We only hire between 2 and 5% of all applicants.

All PSWs who work with us have been screened, interviewed, and had their credentials checked. We hire only Certified PSWs and internationally educated Nurses.

I interview all caregivers. In addition to being the President of the Company I have been a Registered Nurse, specializing in senior care, for over 33 years.

7. Private caregivers who want to work for cash, put your elderly parent at risk

Caregivers who want to work for cash are seeking an illegal working arrangement and are, by doing so, showing they are untrustworthy.

If they are prepared to lie about their work arrangements to the Canadian government, are they also prepared to lie about their credentials, their immigration status, references, and experience to you and your family?

How will you know if they are actually qualified to provide the care they say they can provide, or are even legally entitled to work in Canada?

If you hire a private caregiver and pay them in cash, what happens if they steal from your parent, or worse, verbally or physically abuse them?

If you participate in a “for cash” arrangement with someone not entitled to work legally or who is not qualified, will you be prepared to report them to the police?

Now, more than ever, it’s important that you hire a professional private care provider. A provider with a reputation for reliable, quality care.

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