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The Globe and Mail published an article yesterday highlighting the findings of a report by the Health Council of Canada on the CCAC. John G. Abbott, chief executive officer of the Health Council of Canada is quoted as saying that “The vast majority of cases are getting 14 hours, maybe 15 and 20 hours,”

We commented on the Globe and Mail site as follows:

It’s important that the public have a realistic expectation for the amount of home healthcare support that they likely will be able to access through the CCAC.

While it’s true that some seniors, living at home, are receiving daily care funded by CCAC, the vast majority of seniors requiring care are not receiving anywhere near the 14-20 hours stated.

We’ve been providing care to seniors in the throughout the GTA since 1995. I’m not sure where Mr. Abbot found his numbers, but in our experience, in the GTA, seniors in the community are generally able to access only 2 to 4 hours of care per week through their Community Care Access Center (CCAC), not the 14 to 20 reported by the Health Council of Canada. Those who are assessed as needing palliative care may be eligible for additional hours of support.

When families commit personal resources, either their own time or purchased care hours, to support seniors at home, the health care system and the community at large, benefit. We already know this to be true through the studies that have been done related to the Veterans’ Home Health Care benefit program. Other positive side effects for the individuals involved are fewer visits to hospital and better quality of life for the senior.

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