Terrifying but true story of how a pharmacy dispensed a powerful narcotic along with the wrong measuring instrument – and how a nursing assessment by our experienced, conscientious Nurse, prevented a potential tragedy

Wrong syringe provided by pharmacy

  Hydromorphone is an opioid that is 5 – 7 times more potent than morphine. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain. As noted on the website CMAJ Open, published by the Canadian Medical Association, Opioids have narrow therapeutic windows, and errors in ordering or administration can be fatal. Of the 8 cases noted […]

Nurse Case Manager position

  Are you looking for a rewarding position with a growing company where you really can make a positive difference in older people’s lives? We’d like to hear from you! Be part of a terrific, progressive, professional team, that truly delivers on the promise of “client first” care. Great reasons to consider working with Eldercare […]

Hospital discharge during the COVID pandemic – get the help you need to make your patient’s return home successful

This post is for Social Workers and healthcare professionals working in hospitals. As you know, seniors who are discharged from hospital have been found to have a very high rate of re-admission. How you can help keep things from going off the rails for your senior patients, once they return home 1. Discharge letter – […]

Grace and Frankie, The Kominsky Method and other great TV shows for seniors

Grace and Frankie - tv show for seniors, starring Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin

Part of what makes Grace and Frankie, and The Kominsky Method so enjoyable, for many older adults, is that the stars of the shows are actors that viewers remember from their youth, and who are now, themselves, seniors. It’s about a connection. Grace and Frankie Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda are terrific in the sitcom […]

COVID-19 – good news for a change!

COVID sniffing dog test

Finland is testing COVID sniffing dogs at Helsinki Airport According to a release in the Associated Press, The dogs sniff a sweat sample – obtained with a wipe – that passenger has agreed to provide. The the sample is then put in a jar and given to a dog in a different room. The dog […]

Hiring a professional private care company is more important now – during the COVID-19 pandemic – than ever

Eldercare Home Health private care logo

With the COVID pandemic a part of all our lives, you want to do whatever you can to minimize the risks to your elderly parent or family member. Hiring a caregiver “privately” who also works in a high-risk institutional environment, for example, would not make much sense. Similarly, there’s no sense in hiring a caregiver […]

How to end the COVID pandemic and get the economy back on its feet ASAP

Dr. Michael Mina. Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

In my earlier post I wrote about the need to develop and roll out rapid testing for the COVID-19 virus. It turns out there already is a rapid test, it just hasn’t been approved and it is therefore not being used. Why hasn’t the paper-based COVID test been approved? It turns out Health Canada has […]

Service during the COVID-19 outbreak – client bulletin

Here’s what Eldercare Home Health is doing to help keep our clients and staff as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic: We are requesting that all staff be inoculated. Most staff have received at least one shot, many have received two. We are focused on providing care to our current clients. We have an […]