Here you'll learn more about how we provide elder care, and how we've helped our elderly clients.

Here you’ll learn more about how we provide elder care, and how we’ve helped our elderly clients.

We have changed the names of people and some details to protect the confidentiality of our clients.

Mrs. Durnan

Mrs. Durnan has been the primary caregiver for her husband who is 102 years old.

The Durnans have no other family in Toronto.

Mrs. Durnan was originally referred to us by Sunnybrook Hospital where she was receiving care for an ulcer. When the hospital became aware of her family responsibilities they suggested she contact us.

We currently provide a caregiver Mon – Fri. 9 am to 6 pm.

Our caregiver keeps Mr. Durnan company, assists him with bathing, exercising and walking and assists Mrs. Durnan with homemaking, including meal preparation, laundry and keeping the house neat and tidy.

Mrs. Durnan is now able to enjoy some time on her own knowing that her husband is being well cared for.

We recently had the pleasure of assisting Mrs. Durnan organize her husband’s 102nd birthday party.

Mr. Boss

Mr. Boss has short term memory loss. We were contacted by his Power of Attorney in Florida to assess his status and needs and provide care.

Mr. Boss does not have any family living in Toronto.

When we first went in to assess Mr. Boss we found that he was not taking his medications correctly, was not eating enough to maintain his strength and energy level, was dehydrated, unshaven and wearing soiled clothing.

We currently have caregivers visiting Mr. Boss daily. They assist with meal preparation, food shopping, exercise and provide companionship.

They also accompany Mr. Boss on visits to the Doctor to update his medication, and have gone with him to the hospital when he required eye surgery.

Our caregiver will also be accompanying him to the hospital for his upcoming prostate surgery.

In addition to supervising his care, and continuing to monitor his medication requirements (in consultation with his Doctor), we are in regular contact with Mr. Boss’s Power of Attorney with updates on his status via telephone and

Mr. Boss’s condition has improved significantly as have his spirits. He now enjoys going on outings and has an excellent rapport with his Eldercare Home Health caregivers.