Terrifying but true story of how a pharmacy dispensed a powerful narcotic along with the wrong measuring instrument – and how a nursing assessment by our experienced, conscientious Nurse, prevented a potential tragedy

Wrong syringe provided by pharmacy

  Hydromorphone is an opioid that is 5 – 7 times more potent than morphine. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain. As noted on the website CMAJ Open, published by the Canadian Medical Association, Opioids have narrow therapeutic windows, and errors in ordering or administration can be fatal. Of the 8 cases noted […]

Hospital discharge during the COVID pandemic – get the help you need to make your patient’s return home successful

This post is for Social Workers and healthcare professionals working in hospitals. As you know, seniors who are discharged from hospital have been found to have a very high rate of re-admission. How you can help keep things from going off the rails for your senior patients, once they return home 1. Discharge letter – […]

Hiring a professional private care company is more important now – during the COVID-19 pandemic – than ever

Eldercare Home Health private care logo

With the COVID pandemic a part of all our lives, you want to do whatever you can to minimize the risks to your elderly parent or family member. Hiring a caregiver “privately” who also works in a high-risk institutional environment, for example, would not make much sense. Similarly, there’s no sense in hiring a caregiver […]

In hospital care for seniors in Toronto – 5 things you need to know

in hospital care for seniors

1. Bed rest is not good for anyone, especially the elderly With very few exceptions, bed rest is an old-fashioned idea that has no place in modern medicine. Bed rest leads to deconditioning, muscle weakness and atrophy. Bed rest can also lead to pressure sores, pneumonia, constipation and depression. The sooner they can get up […]

Senior Home Care in Toronto – our Nurses go Above and Beyond

Nurse explaining medications to psw caregiver

Yes, Eldercare Home Health provides senior home care in Toronto – but that’s like saying Kawhi Leonard plays basketball. He does, but as we all know, he’s an exceptional player. Why our PSW senior home care is Nurse case managed Our clients are 90 years old, give or take. As you can imagine, their care […]

How one senior care agency handled a request for care

I recently came across communication from a well-known agency specializing in senior care, promoting their caregiver services. Curious, I called to find out more about their offerings. Barbara, the person who answered my call, said she would connect me to Betty, the intake person. Once connected, Betty’s voicemail said “I’m on a leave for a […]

Elderly Couple Married For 70 Years Wouldn’t Let Ontario’s Long-Term Care System Tear Them Apart

We often see situations where elderly couples have different limitations. One may have a cognitive impairment, while the other has a physical disability. Often, these couples can make most of the activities of daily living work by working together – we’re talking about couple who have usually been together for many years, after all — […]

Hippocratic: Global Insights into Palliative Care

Poster for Hippocratic: Global Insights into Palliative Care

The film follows the work and career of Dr. MR Rajagopal, of India, as he moves from reluctant medical student to global leader in Palliative Care. The film’s central subject, Dr. Rajagopal, uses excerpts from the autobiography ‘The Story of my experiments with truth’ by Mahatma Gandhi, to persuade his audience that more care services […]