Fall colours hit the hills first – and you should too if you’re heading out for a fall drive.

fall colours drive

Cold nights produce the fall colours in the leaves- and the temperature drops 3 degrees C for every 304.8 metres you rise. I know that about temperature from my years as a glider pilot. Many a fall day, I’ve steamed on the ground and found my teeth chattering a few thousand feet up. (Aviation still […]

Discount tickets on admission to Toronto museums, galleries & more

Barbara Frum Public Library. Photo courtesy Google Street View

The Sun Life Financial Museum + Arts Pass available at Toronto Public Libraries lets you and your family (2 adults and up to 5 kids), get into some of Toronto’s best arts and cultural venues for free! Looking for discount tickets? All you need is a valid adult Toronto Public Library card and you can […]

You’ve probably seen the ROM dinosaurs since you were a kid…

Dinosaur skeleton at the ROM

Visit the ROM’s Dale Chihuly glass exhibit first. You’ll be thrilled and probably have enough energy left to see at least half the ROM dinosaurs and maybe even the Tattoo exhibit too. Dale Chihuly, an American sculptor, has mastered the alluring, translucent and transparent qualities of ice, water, glass and neon. The sculpture below, Float Boat, was inspired […]

Grandparents sharing interests with their grandchildren = amazing adventures!

One grandparent. One cookie sheet. One granddaughter.

It started when they were toddlers and my wife and I discovered our calling: We were emphatically not their parents. We were grandparents – a relationship that was the gateway to a world that was different than the one their parents, being parents, could offer. My wife and I were the outliers, with a viewpoint […]

Exercise for seniors – “I exercise to feel good, it’s as simple as that”

exercise for seniors - heel raises using a chair

While I’m no expert on exercise for seniors, I’d like to think experience counts for something. I’m an 80-year-old guy who has exercised since his pre-teen years(Confession: I was a skinny kid with thin arms and shoulder blades that stuck out. I wanted to beef up.) I’ve been exercising on and off ever since, mostly […]

Frozen vegetables and fruit can be more nutritious than fresh!

frozen vegetables

Plucking and eating vegetables and fruit at their peak is just about the only way to beat the nutritional value of fresh-frozen or canned fruits. Think about it. It sometimes takes up to two weeks for fresh produce to get from farm to table. In that time, 10 to 50 per cent of the more unstable […]

Are you thawing your frozen food safely?

Thawing frozen food safely

Frozen food is so much more than prepared dinners. My wife and I like to keep ingredients as natural as possible. So we look for frozen uncooked, unseasoned basic foods or main-course precooked foods such as frozen meatballs. They give us easy portion control without leftovers. They’re always handy for an unplanned meal. And the […]

Whoop-de-doo! The fall fairs are in full swing!

One of the larger fall fairs in Ontario - The Markham Fall Fair

Cluck cluck! Moo moo! Baa baa! Fall fairs sights and smells take us back to what counts. They say that you can always trust a child to tell it the way it is. And there’s no child in the world who doesn’t thrill to livestock, the other farm animals and produce (ever see a kid […]