Grace and Frankie, The Kominsky Method and other great TV shows for seniors

Grace and Frankie - tv show for seniors, starring Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin

Part of what makes Grace and Frankie, and The Kominsky Method so enjoyable, for many older adults, is that the stars of the shows are actors that viewers remember from their youth, and who are now, themselves, seniors. It’s about a connection. Grace and Frankie Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda are terrific in the sitcom […]

5 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas for your Elderly Father

Affordable father's day gift for your elderly father

A 16GB MP3 player Here’s a thoughtful, and at $49.99, an affordable gift that makes it easy for your dad to listen to the radio, ebooks and more. Small and light, with an up to 20 hour playing time, your dad can enjoy it anywhere. From Best Buy The very popular Fitbit Fitbits are available […]